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Grab the manual before you go further to avoid damage to the transmitter. In addition, the tuner contains a SWR meter, a transmitter plate current meter, a transmitter keying switch, and a sound-powered telephone receptacle which is used in the antenna tuning process. This is a really easy project to d serves as keyer to the 6CL6 buffer stage using grid-block keying, turning on the V FO ahead of the 6CL6 and turning off the V FO after the 6CL6. AMfone - Dedicated to Amplitude Modulation on the Amateur Radio Bands 6AG7-6L6 40/80 meter CW transmitter. ( if ya need info on that, buzz me) Receiver VFO Controlled CW Transmitter Last Updated on Thu, 21 Apr 2016 | Radio Amateur 04-1966 After working a contest or two it doesn't take a wise amateur long to understand that time is a premium. Recommended for any transmitter using 6146Bs including Collins, Kenwood, Yaesu, etc. VI was mounted in an empty space forward of the 6BA7. 162, The AA8V/W8EXI 6CL6 One-Tube Transmitter, Excellent circuit analysis and   The Eico 720 transmitter was introduced in 1958. 0 MHz. Home Amplifier Circuits 12AT7 - 6CL6 PUSH-PULL TUBE AMPLIFIER Circuit Schematic With Explanation 12AT7 - 6CL6 PUSH-PULL TUBE AMPLIFIER Circuit Schematic With Explanation Tags The September, 2016 version of the transmitter has a 500V B+ supply and uses a 6L6GC output tube which can handle 500V on the plate. com is not responsible for typos or other listing mistakes. A 6CL6 followed as a buffer with an   Transmitter 32S-3/A 3 12AT7 32S-3/A 2 6146B 32S-3/A 1 6AH6 32S-3/A 1 6AL5 32S-3/A 2 6CB6 32S-3/A 1 6CL6 32S-3/A 3 6U8 516F-1 1 5R4 Power Supply  Results 1 - 48 of 58 E. Another orphan is the 6J6; with both sections in parallel it can drive lots of 40-50W finals. The understanding the simple electronic circuits are very important. Portions of the 40-meter and 80-meter bands are still reserved exclusively for CW operation. The xmtr. The 6CL6 is released by GE as the miniature version of the 6AG7 in May, 1953 On the first page of the May, 1953 issue of QST, an ad appeared by GE announcing the 6CL6 as the new, miniature replacement for the 6AG7. It does not convey the spoken word using AM (Amplitude) or FM (Frequency) modulation. has its own bnndswitchiug plate tank circuit), and a CZ. Click on the image for a larger view. Where I don't want to slog through in a half-understood language, I use Google's translation page. <div style="text-align:center"><img src="http://ti2. Johnson Model Number: 240-104 CLICK ON A PICTURE TO ENLARGE IT FOR A CLOSER VIEW Over the years Woody has owned three of these great transmitters. Or, who want small circuits to quick to make and inexpensive. download  Results 1 - 25 of 1186 AA8V, W8EXI 6CL6 One-Tube Transmitter - Excellent comprehensive article with illustrated technical explanations. I have attached the data sheet for the 2E26. It used to belong to ZS6ABN, but I bought it from a ham in Somerset West (and I can't remember who it was) There are four versions of the Viceroy transmitter. Also,--I would "complete" the circuit by adding a a pi-network to match the output to a 50 ohm load,--as you will be using it as a transmitter. Merece un párrafo aparte todas las indicaciones y sugerencias aportadas por LU8EHA, efectuadas sobre su experiencia y las de LU2DCC y LU1DCE relacionadas con el funcionamiento de este tipo de válvulas no creadas para trabajo en RF, que en principio aparecían muy descabelladas o lejanas a mi entendimiento común y tradicional respecto a los parámetros de funcionamiento de válvulas de este Here is the simple electronic circuits list for a beginner. The 6L6 Transmitter I am to build is that of CW (Continuous Wave) type. The transmitter sends the modulated electrical energy to a tuned resonant antenna; this structure converts the rapidly changing alternating current into an electromagnetic wave that can move through free space. has six tubes: 12AX7 speech amp. 5 ma required on 80M with the driver tuning condenser correctly tuned,this can be checked in Antique Radios, Old Time Radios for the US: We added 75 000 Old Time radios of US manufacture. This transmitter was a very nice performer on 160-10 meters, using three 6146s for the final output amplifier. I too am transmitter-illiterate: What's the advantage of the pi-network over a transformer? A pi-net is used because the load impedance can vary over a wide range. I power this transmitter with a Heathkit HP-23A power supply. The green cylindrical thing to the left of the 6146 is the plate choke. It can be run from the 12 volt power supply to the left, vehicle or battery power. The smaller tube is a 6CL6. AF4K's 6CL6 - 2E26 HOMEBREW TRANSMITTER. I took a look under the chassis and immediately noticed that the 6CL6's screen-grid resistor was 6. adjusting the plate tuning cap. F. Woody has owned this particular rig since the spring of 1997. Technical stuff. Introduction. e*. auctiva. 125 MHz, and for 80-meters 3. It uses a 6CL6 as an electron coupled Colpitts crystal oscillator, a 6AQ5 as a Class A buffer multiplier,  Eico 720 Transmitter product reviews by real people like you. These new old stock JAN G. On Friday evening, November 2, 2007 I attended the annual RARA (Rochester Amateur Radio Association) auction to bid on this circa 1955-1962 E. Johnson Viking Valiant amateur radio transmitter. Why not become a member and join us in this exciting project? The 6CL6 crystal oscillator/buffer stage lends itself to easiest changes when using a more involved modification. Heathkit DX-40 transmitter. As seen here, the rig was still under construction! The power supply uses a  transmitter to fire up for the annual ARRL Straight Key Night on New Year's Eve ( 2011). C, Place V4, 6CL6  Schematic #12. The rig has three tubes; a 6CL6 oscillator, a 6DQ6B final amplifier (each of these stages. Two 1 megΩ 1 watt resistors in parallel are used to create a 500KΩ -2 watt “bleeder” resistor. 525 - 3. Notea 6CL6 or 12BY7 ( different socket wiring) will work the same as this one will. 6CL6 HEWLETT PACKARD, General Electric, pentodes for laboratory and industrial equipment KW Viceroy Mark III SSB Transmitter. Simplified controls on the 32S-3A make tuning quick and precise. For a single tube the 6AG7 or miniature 6CL6 equivalent are recognized as the best crystal oscillators. If extra driving power is available, as is the case with the 6CL6 transmitter , the grid tuning control is used as a drive level control,  It was the successor to the famous AT-1, the first Heathkit ham transmitter. Approximate Air Coil Inductance Calculator The results are valid only for one layer  Phase modulation and frequency doubling was performed by a 6EA8 triode/ pentode with audio applied to the triode grid. 1 16, no cc stort:eis i announcing 10th annual edison radio amateur award The 6CL6 functions as an electron-coupled oscillator, a design I borrowed heavily from the AA8V one-tube transmitter. Some of the pages are in other languages, particularly German. The 32S-3A is rated for a nominal output of 100 watts and power input to the final amplifier is rated at 175 watts PEP on single sideband and 160 watts on CW. Click here for a super detailed view. O. The receive is a dual conversion superhet with a 3. Link coupling was used to feed the grid from the coil of the previous 6AH6 stage. 15 Meter Neutralization Remove the good 6CL6’s from their sockets and insert the two test units (with pins removed). so, a sub of tube ( and rewire socket ) can be done. Designed for the 80 to 10 meter ham bands (including 11 meters), it uses stacked B+ for the oscillator and buffer tubes (both 6CL6). New and Used Vacuum Tubes Love is Resonance!. A switch on the rear panel selects one Antique Radios, Old Time Radios for the US: We added 75 000 Old Time radios of US manufacture. . , 6DE7 Carrier Control Modulator, 6CL6 Crystal Oscillator, 6CL6 Buffer, 6146 Final, and 5U4GB Rectifier. Last chance to stock up on these rare beauties. Brian Smith 33,892 views Homebrew 6L6 Transmitter & Power Supply Application Path: Home > Transformer Index > "Classic" Transformers & Enclosures > Customer "Classic" Examples > Homebrew 6L6 Xmtr click to enlarge The 6CL6 is a 9 pin 6AG7 and both developed for TV use and can take serious abuse. C. The heart of the circuit is the electron-coupled crystal oscillator shown above. 5 kw using 2 tubes. Portable UHF multi channel transmitter and receiver system. Wireless Electricity Transmission Circuit: This is a simple circuit that can power a light bulb without any wires, at a distance of almost 1 inch! This circuit acts as both, step up Voltage converter and also wireless electricity transmitter and receiver. Looks like a couple of antenna jacks on the side. Made in USA. HEATHKIT DX-40 Transmitter Complete Primo Tube Set Amplifier/Receiver Manufacturer: HEATHKIT Model: DX-40 Transmitter Description: Complete Primo tube set with all tubes Amp Bias Type: none Tube Quantity in ( ) Rectifier/Regulator Tubes: 5U4GB(1) - USA made Preamp/Driver Tubes: 6CL6(2), 12AX7(1), 6DE6(1) Power Amp/Driver Tubes Recommended for any transmitter using 6146Bs including Collins, Kenwood, Yaesu, etc. The output BNC from the 6CL6 is on the rear. RF output into an MFJ dummy load via a digital wattmeter shows about xx-watts. Fine frequency adjustment is possible by means of a variable capacitor connected to the grid of the oscillator tube. Also, they are easily learning. Tomorrow I will add a soft-start circuit to the PS, trim the filament voltage and center the PA filament pot (it is almost at its end stop for 6V). New tubes added: Power output pentodes, The EL34, EL84, 6CL6, 6F6, 6G6, SY4307A and 6K6GT are some examples of true pentodes used for power amplification, using a suppressor grid rather than the higher efficiency beam-forming plates used in beam tetrodes. Transmitters are to hams like an engine is to a car: you still have a car without it, but you're not It is everything you need for a very nice 6CL6-buffered VFO. G3PPR on the 807. 5 watts, so this was far beyond where it should operate. Of 6CL6's that are available on the market, this is the best there is. Simple Am Transmitter Circuit Diagram The Aa8V/w8Exi 6Cl6 One-Tube Transmitter – Schematic Diagrams And simple am radio transmitter circuit diagram, simple am transmitter and receiver circuit diagram, simple am transmitter circuit diagram. Care and Feeding of Power Grid Tubes (Eimac/CPI): an excellent resource for the valve engineer or experimenter. Nice Images Collection: Schematic Desktop Wallpapers. HEATHKIT SB 102 Complete Primo Tube Set 6146 (2)+6CL6+RX+TX - $169. I used a Vishay-Dale part number 70-IMS5-22 in parallel with a 27 pF 1 kV capacitor. The successful Place V3, 6CL6 oscillator-multiplier, in socket XV3. Introduction and Historical Background: In December, 1998 I attended the annual Christmas banquet of the Cuyahoga Falls Amateur Radio Club. 4KB | 6CL6 Transmitter Schematic. The 6CL6 has a maximum plate dissipation of 7. Homebrew TX. For 10-meters, doubling in the 6V6 and again doubling in the 807 would work. The tube socket that V2 is in was original and held a 6CL6 previously. For example, a longwire on 80M covers a frequency span of 3. A complete diagram of the 793 is shown ill Fig. '34 rectifier in the power supply. The power supply tubes are a 6X4 bias rectifier, a V R-150 JOHNSON VIKING VALIANT TRANSMITTER W0UI E. 10 volts, VF-1 Tubes: 6AU6 Oscillator, OA2 Regulator Collins 32S-3A is a highly flexible transmitter covering all the amateur bands between 3. 10km range 6W FM transmitter (2SC1971), circuit diagram - Duration: 1:39. The 12AV6 was commonly used as a detector and first audio amp . This converter is a tube replacement for the "quenched and synchrnous gaps formerly located on the power panel". Are you looking for a2 s1 s2 on sale? Are you looking for a2 s1 s2 or other similiar products? Our site represents a large assortment of a2 s1 s2, along with listings such as Antique Chair, Antique Dresser, Antique Cabinet, Antique Sofa, and lots more. Knobs are missing, and the band switch positions are simply written in pencil on the front panel. You could probably use it to make a fairly compact CW transmitter. transmitter is described with tube converter ET-3628. Low grid drive is bad for the 6DQ6, since it has only grid leak bias, no DC protective bias, and no clamp tube. With the Hammond 269EX transformer specified the HV output will be 275- 280V and you can expect 4-5 watts of RF output. What's needed now is to fill in the many blanks that still exist within most individual model pages. NOTES: ALL RESISTOR VALUES ARE 1/2 WATT UNLESS SPECIFIED OTHERWISE. The 6CL6 9 pin socket is located at the bottom right. Jan 3 2004. This is a simple mod and is 100% reversible. 19'. You can run both receiver and transmitter off same supply . The 7-tube lineup is a 6AU6 in the VFO, a 6CL6 buffer (or crystal oscilla- tor) driving the 6146. For 80 meters, I replaced L-6 with a choke from Mouser Electronics. The tool is for. A good review A classic 1930s ham radio shack. These are NSN 5960 00 6150 243 and all have packed date of 2/85. time until I finally opened it up and replaced the original 50+ year old Eico 6CL6 oscillator tube. The B+ voltage at the output pretty-much determines the output from the transmitter. The VF-1 Output Frequencies 7150-2000, 7000-7425, 6740-6808, RF Output approx. Loading Unsubscribe from radio80xanthi? Build your own small pirate radio station. The original version of this transmitter used a 350V B+ supply and produced about 10W of output power. CAUTION!!! With Pin 4 removed, the 6CL6 can be inserted in the socket two ways. 60 watts input to a rugged 6DQ6-B neutralized final on CW; external plate modu- lation terminals permit use as an AM phone transmitter of up to 50 watts input. The fan is powered from a small bridge rectifier and smoothing cap soldered across the indicator light in the multimeter. 4 MHz and 30. The screw driver adjustment on the left front of the chassis is the final variable capacitor. It's all mounted in a rack cabinet with a 12 volt control and metering panel at the top. I call it a "Shack" ( Ham radio station) in a box. Other clues: it has three rf (air core) chokes, no other iron core choke, uses two variable condensers, keys thru one of these chokes to pin 8. by Curt Reed » Sat Feb 07, 2009 7:31 pm From growing up with a 6AG7 in one pocket and an 807 in the other, I think I can share a few things. In other words it has an RF choke in the plate circuit and is coupled capacitively to the 2E26 grid. 65A for the 6CL6 oscillator tube 700V center tap at 40mA for the plate supply Current requirements are minimum requirements. source for this single 6L6 transmitter. F. Mark I: The crystal oscillator has four crystals, which gives five bands (80m doesn't need a crystal). The AA8V/W8EXI 6CL6 One-Tube Transmitter The operation of the 6CL6 transmitter is actually quite sophisticated, despite the simple appearance of the circuit. Interesting technical article detailing a single 6CL6 transmitter. htm. It is possible to triple in the 6V6 and drive the 807 "straight through" on 15-meters. Details of the 6AH6/6CL6 amplifier/transmitter shown in the picture above can be found at: http://k4che. Transmitter Interior - top. These Triode-pentode  The AA8V/W9EXI 6CL6 One-Tube Transmitter - Schematic Diagrams and Circuit Descriptions. 15 watt amplifier. ALL RESISTOR VALUES IN   The transmitter final amplifier is based on a tried and true pair of 6146 tubes driven by a 6CL6. If the 6DQ6 is not operated with proper bias, it is not running class C, and can cause damage. power of the vfo,maybe it would be useful to use new 6cl6 and 5763,also an indication of grid excitation is useful,on my set the excitation potentiometer is about 1/4 turn to get the 3. It keys very cleanly through the cathode, without any attempt at shaping, with no chirp or drift. New tubes added: Are you looking for a2 s1 s2 on sale? Are you looking for a2 s1 s2 or other similiar products? Our site represents a large assortment of a2 s1 s2, along with listings such as Antique Chair, Antique Dresser, Antique Cabinet, Antique Sofa, and lots more. com/sw/java Transmitter Interior - top The larger tube is a 6146. Going on for his Novice license the following September, Ron’s first contact on 15 meters was another 10 year old, Andy Chesnioff, UA3AB, of the former Soviet Union. The 5763 is a close second that is often overlooked. 97. One of the problems mentioned is "fading or swinging signals", in which it is stated that "such difficulties may be encountered in the case of a heavy sea Ham Radio Museum; Heathkit Transmitters; Heathkit AT-1 Modes: CW 6CL6 New Price/Year: $35. Builders can use these too. Mike WU2D Navigation [0] Message Index [#] Next page [*] Previous page. E. Having marked the original gap in the pins be certain the modified 6CL6’s are correctly oriented when inserted. DESCRIPTION 2 J 2 2 2 2 2 Beautifully packaged, compact CW transmitter Ideal for the novice or for the advanced ham requiring a low -power, stand-by rig. $9. I decided that the easiest way to lower the 6CL6's plate current would be to lower its screen-grid voltage. to the European ELL80 is a dual PENTODE output tube intended to give 6 Watts + 6 Watts stereo output, or as a push-pull. Even though this CW transmitter circuit was published in 1955 in Popular Electronics, it is still legal for today's Amateur radio operator. (The DX-20 ignores the maximum plate voltage spec of 300 V on the 6CL6. After making several must-have bids, I finally got it for $325, thus adding "AM mode" to the ham shack in a hefty (83 lbs. Beginning in the Summer of 1957, at 10 years of age, Ron started his ham radio journey under his Elmer, the original W6OM, George Hutchins. A CW transmitter conveys intelligence in the form of Morse Code dots and dashes by turning on and off the transmitter. | 655 x 442px 58. With a 6V6 driving an 807, the best choices would be 160-meters, 80-meters, 40-meters, and 20-meters. Amplitude modulation of a carrier wave works by varying the strength of the transmitted signal in proportion to the information being sent. Another tube that would be very interesting to try in a simple transmitter is the 6HU8, which is equivalent. 5 to 4. Episode 005 - Ron Weaver - W6OM. Low grid drive may be due to a weak 6CL6 or flaky crystal. AmateurRadio. Note that there is significant voltage present at the key terminals of this cathode keyed rig. The 3 rf chokes used appear to be identical. Below are several photographs of the finished transmitter: The typical lineup with the 2E26 was to use a 6CL6 or a 5763 in a Colpitts oscillator to drive it. Power Supply Section Tubes: 0B2 (1),  Results 145 - 192 of 5191 S. coming next rwo issues announcinc g-e ham news 3rd bound volume sepi ocioË. Subject to terms and conditions of each individual seller. New tubes added: New and Used Vacuum Tubes Love is Resonance!. The 6AG7 is esentially the same as a 6CL6, which is usually real easy to get to oscillate. In other words, the assembly manual's instructions match the wiring of my transmitter, whereas the schematic does not match the wiring. Since In some projects, the oscillator is a pentode (6AG7, 6CL6, etc. it runs 1. It uses a 6CL6 as an electron coupled Colpitts crystal oscillator, a 6AQ5 as a Class A buffer  Tubes: 0B2 (2), 3TF4A (1), 5749 (1), 6AL5 (1), 6AU6 (1), 6BA6 (4), 6CL6 (2), 6X4 (1), 12AT7 (6), 4X150A or 4x250B (2). At that meeting  The AA8V/W8EXI 6CL6 One-Tube Transmitter 6CL6 Transmitter Pages: The 6CL6 is released by GE as the miniature version of the 6AG7 in May, 1953 My research said that a tritet oscillator has low crystal current, so I settled on figure 8, page 249 of Orr's The Radio Handbook (1959), substituting a 6CL6 for the  AF4K's 6CL6 - 2E26 HOMEBREW TRANSMITTER. The lower voltage supply would work with smaller output tubes including: 6V6, 6L6G, 5881 (military 6L6), 1619 (metal military 6L6). S. The quartz crystal is housed in a thermostatically-controlled oven. 144 MHz CW/RTTY transmitter Amateur-T Homebrew - ORIGINAL; GB, build 1962, 8 pictures, 8 tubes, Great Britain 6CL6 12 MHz Xtal oscillator/multiplier. But what the heck! Photos Of The Transmitter In Its Original Condition: Original Condition - Front View: This is a picture of the front of the transmitter as it was originally received from Jim Trutko, W8EXI. A. (white wire) Link coupling allowed much sharper tuning and better drive. "Reproduction of the factory Operation Instruction (service) manual for the E. New in original in factory cartons. This arrangement tuned well and there were no problems. JOHNSON Viking Navigator Primo Tube Set 6146/A 6CL6. Johnson "Viking Valiant" AM/CW transmitter. My friend said the large electronics project come of combining many small electronic circuits. Model DX - 60B. with dot code, in white cardboard tubes printed in blue with HP logo, HEWLETT PACKARD GQ 1932-0030 ELECTRON TUBE 6CL6. is for a plug-in tank coil. This series of Heathkit rigs have somewhat fragile power transformers. Also note the interesting series connection of the two 6CL6 stages in this transmitter across the HV supply. Screen modulated AM operation is rated at 60 watts input peak. Power Input). Nothing in either of the books mentioned has one like this. This transmitter has a built in VFO and uses three 6146's in the final amplifier delivering 275 Watts CW - 200 Watts AM (D. The red  Recommended for any transmitter using 6146Bs including Collins, Kenwood, Yaesu, etc. The final tank coil for the additional 6CL6 amplifier sticks out over the edge in order to provide separation. Those 2 tubes are 9 pin mini tubes 12HG7 will sub 12BY7 directly. The field change kit also contains a plate current meter for installation in the SSB-1 equipment. Another choke goes from the antenna center pin to the chassis ground. for the link output of the tank coil to drive balanced line. 3V at 0. ). The original power supply can be seen in the top photo. With +750 VDC on the PA plate and +260 VDC on the oscillator plate, output power is about 65 Watts. Below are several photographs of the finished transmitter: At the very bottom of the page, you will find the schematic and parts list for the 807 CW transmitter. The transmitter weighs about 85 lbs. The new power supply is shown in the third photo. The ceramic socket. On the 6CL6 there is 220V of B+ and 120V of screen voltage. 2E26+6CL6 FM radio80xanthi. 600 MHz are reserved for CW for Hams holding either Novice (no longer issued) or Technician licenses. I am using a 6CL6 pentode as a Colpitts crystal oscillator with untuned output. Both the plate choke and the tank coil were rewound for operation on 1710 kHz. ), retro style. The transformer requirements are as follows: 5V at 2A for the 5Y3 rectifier tube 6. They are glass etched 6CL6 U. This is sufficient output to drive the linear Class AB1, 1 kw PEP power amplifier. AA8V/W8EXI 6CL6 One-tube transmitter Pi-tank calculator by VK1OD Initial load line of valve RF amplifier calculator by VK1OD The 6CL6, 807 and 807W datasheets. Its final RF tube is a 6146 for 75 watts plate power input on CW. AA8V, W8EXI 6CL6 One-Tube Transmitter - Excellent comprehensive article  1, 813 crystal oscillator transmitter, Regenerative receiver with 12AX7 and . 395 MHz  10 Feb 2014 The Eico 720 transmitter was introduced in 1958. )  It was a CW transmitter made during the late 50's early 60's and it used a The V. The actual power transformer used in the 6CL6 transmitter is a Stancor P-6010, but there are many suitable transformers. Author: luqman; Posted: 16 December 18 09:12:34; Category: Home Wiring In the medium-wave transmitter type 6FZ-259/00 the RF section is equipped with a highly stable Pierce oscillator, using a 6CL6, with aperiodic plate circuit. AMATEUR TRANSMITTER. One (1) new in box JAN General Electric 6CL6 transmitter driver/final pentode tube/valve. 400 volts on the plate of a 6AG7 seems quite high,IMO seems to me 250 to 300 would be more "normal". 6CL6osci I lator is an electron HEATHKIT DX-40 TRANSMITTER Complete Primo Tube Set 6146 - $69. 95/1957-1960 Transmitter Sections. First of all, don't even contemplate running a single tube crystal controlled transmitter on 15 or 10 meters. Details of a simple  A 6CL6 Transmitter - by Greg Latta, AA8V - great site with details and schematics. It ran 275 watts on CW, 200 on AM phone. This is used in a few of the Heathkit transmitters but can cause measurement confusion during troubleshooting and repair because the 6CL6 driver plate and screen appear to be at full HV above ground but this tube is effectively in series with the other 6CL6 tube so they both have actual plate operating potentials of around 300 volts. 8K, rather than the 27K shown on my Heathkit schematic. The new 6CL6 was the electrical equivalent of the 6AG7 in a cheaper, smaller, package: At the front, just visible behind the front panel, are the red tank coil and band switch on the left and the top of the 6CL6 oscillator tube on the right. Below is my new antenna setup. HEATHKIT DX-40 TRANSMITTER Complete Primo Tube Set 6146 - $69. covers 80, 40, 20, 15, 11 and the 10M bands and uses a 6CL6 as the  Results 1 - 48 of 184 James's Hallicrafters HT-40 AM Radio Transmitter Restoraton/Repair Project. 6CL6 pentode tubes are tested as new on our B&K 707 tube tester. Why not become a member and join us in this exciting project? Novice transmitter - the crystal socket is for a crystal. Johnson Viking Ranger II Transmitter Installation and Operation. CW is the oldest way of conveying information by wireless. 025 - 7. The DX-40 is a 75 watt CW and 60 watt controlled carrier phone rig. I show you how to build a simple FM transmitter. I had to use some subs, like a 40 pF and a 330 pF instead of a 22 pF and 220 pF on the grid. The one on top is for 6meters, 2 meters and 70 cm. On all bands except 80 meters, the output of the two-stage RF amplifier is fed to a second mixer. All are great for use as a crystal oscillator, and the specs are nearly identical, except for the plate power dissipation. This transmitter is in excellent nick. I've tried to list links where there is (1) a picture, and (2) a schematic. Johnson Viking Ranger I Ham Radio Transmitter Clean Condition SN . Direct descendants of 6AG7 are the 12BY7, 12GN7, and 6CL6. As of 2011 in the 40-meter band 7. The larger tube is a 6146. HEATHKIT DX-40 Transmitter Complete Primo Tube Set Amplifier/Receiver Manufacturer: HEATHKIT Model: DX-40 Transmitter Description: Complete Primo tube set with all tubes Amp Bias Type: none Tube Quantity in ( ) Rectifier/Regulator Tubes: 5U4GB(1) - USA made Preamp/Driver Tubes: 6CL6(2), 12AX7(1), 6DE6(1) Power Amp/Driver Tubes Ετικέτες 6cl6 push-pull tube amplifier, amplifier, audio tube amplifier, guitar, hi-fi, or, output, power, push-pull, stage, tube Newer Post Older Post Home Search This Blog They are printed in white with HP logo, HEWLETT PACKARD MADE BY GENERAL ELECTRIC 73-30 188-5, indicating 1973 production. Listings updated every 30 minutes. com/BC221/BC221pg2. The red cylindrical thing below the plate choke is the output tank coil. Browse Gallery of Rca lj92 01708e pictures, images, photos, GIFs, and videos on imgED. A yellowish tinge covers the entire transmitter. com/sw/java 6CL6 flush with the glass. A reasonably Hi Q Pi Network will have limited tuning range when changing frequencies within a band but will offer a tad more harmonic suppression. The output of the 6CL6's is very conservatively rated at 3 watts PEP. 6cl6 transmitter

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